It’s been 17 years since My Fat Greek Wedding first hit cinemas, and four years since the sequel was released. Now Nia Vardalos is hinting at the possibility of a third instalment.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, the Greek Canadian writer and actress said that filming My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 had been on her mind of late. However the hints stopped there, with Vardalos withholding what the plot would be.

“If I tell you, I’m gonna have to blowtorch you right in the forehead,” Vardalos joked.

It is known that the actress still keeps in close contact with the recent cast, and so it is expected that if a third film is made that they will return for the sequel.

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For now Vardalos’ attention is on the stage. Also a playwright, the 57-year-old adapted a play based on the book, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, that will premiere at the San Francisco Playhouse in the new year, on 28 January.

Directed by Bill English, the play, like the book, draws from Strayed’s experience as an anonymous advice columnist, with the title ‘Dear Sugar’.

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