New Bridal Styles - Couture Fall 2020 Wedding Dresses

New Bridal Styles - Couture Fall 2020 Wedding Dresses

Haute couture is downright dreamy. It's where the fashion world's most-skilled show off the highest level of creativity, technique, quality, and craft. Indeed, wedding dresses have long served as finale looks of the couture collections, but for fall 2020—when the shows are virtual, when weddings have been postponed, when the glamorous affairs where one would sport these dresses are nonexistent, and when producing clothing is dependent on an atelier's ability to adapt to social distancing—something feels different about the league of brides designers have dreamed up.

The fashion-forward bride has—and perhaps should—resent the notion of bridal archetypes. They are, after all, limiting in their labels. A single bride is neither solely glamorous, rustic, modern, nor bohemian. In fact, for the truly chic, she's all of the above and so much more.

Haute couture always nods to the daring, fashion-obsessed, and surreally stylish, but when crafting this season's bridal looks, designers seemed to have considered the current climate. They ushered in a new league of bridal archetypes more dynamic than ever before. Enter: the new goddess, the revisited princess, the amped-up civil ceremony bride, and others. Here, meet fashion's newest brides.

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