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UNION - A couple forced to change their wedding plans due to COVID-19 exchanged vows at a new apartment complex they now call home. 
After eight years of dating, Gene Martinez proposed to Judy Los Banos and the couple spent the next two years planning their dream wedding, according to a release. 
With the June 13 date quickly approaching, they had everything in Put, including a 256-person guest list, a booked reception hall and  a honeymoon in Aruba. 
They also had a new apartment lined up after leasing a home at Centurion Union, a new rental building in downtown Union. 

Then the pandemic hit and the couple nervously watched as restrictions were put into place and extended over time. Waiting as long as they could, Judy and Gene finally made the decision to postpone their wedding. 
“We put so much time and effort into the planning over the past two years and we were so excited to be just a couple of months away,” said Gene. “Then came the pandemic and everything changed. We had no choice but to cancel. The bridal shower, the bachelor party, the ceremony, reception and honeymoon; everything was off.”
Distraught over the turn of events, made even sadder by the fact that the couple were waiting to be married before living together, the couple decided to move forward with their June 13 date, but in a much more intimate fashion.