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Affordable Wedding Dresses Sydney: 8 Amazing Options | WHO Magazine

Affordable Wedding Dresses Sydney: 8 Amazing Options

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Choosing Your Wedding Dress: Factors To Keep In Mind

Your Date & Location

You don’t need to have the wedding date set and venue booked before you pick out your wedding dress, but you should have a general idea of when and where you are getting married. That way, you’re sure to pick something that’s appropriate for the time, date, and location of your ceremony.
Getting married on a beach in the summer? Then a short, simple boho dress would be perfect. Tying the knot in a 5-star hotel ballroom? An embellished lace ball gown wouldn’t look out of place.

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Your Body Type & Style

It’s your wedding day, and you obviously want to look good. One way to do that is by dressing for your body type – choose silhouettes that flatter your figure. From mermaid dresses to sheath gowns to A-line skirts, there’s something for everyone! But above all, settle a style that fits your personality and makes you happy.

Your Budget

Your options are endless – if you have money to burn, that is. Most girls dream of an Elie Saab or Alexander McQueen for their walk down the aisle, but realistically, that’s out of most girls’ budgets. Be realistic about what you can and cannot afford. Don’t worry, there are gorgeous wedding dresses at every price indicate, you just need to do your research.

How To Get An Affordable Yet High-Quality Wedding Dress

Simplify Your Style

Simple wedding dresses – that use just one type of fabric and have few embellishments – are usually much cheaper than your standard lace-and-appliques wedding gown. Of course, there are exceptions, so don’t strike any styles out before checking the price tag! You’ll have a much easier time finding a beautiful gown that fits your budget if you go for a more minimalist vibe.

Wait Around For Deals, Discounts, Or Clearance Sales

It’s not just online wedding dress shops, even designer boutiques go on sale every once in a while. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and discounts – some places slash as much as 90% off when they’re clearing out their stocks. Another option is to look for shops that offer payment plans or Afterpay, which is a service which allows you to chase your payment in four easy instalments.

Get A Black Wedding Dress...Or Even A Pantsuit

Wedding dresses have what is called a ‘wedding tax’ – meaning they’re much more expensive than non-bridal options. One of the best ways to save money is to ditch the traditional wedding dress altogether and choose something more unorthodox. Black wedding dresses and white pantsuits are becoming more popular, partly because of the novelty, but mostly because of the lower costs.

Make It Your ‘Something Old’ Or ‘Something Borrowed’

Contrary to popular notion, you don’t need to buy a brand-new wedding dress. There are tons of great wedding dress rental services in Australia that allow you to borrow a designer gown for a fraction of the cost. You can also scour online marketplaces for used wedding dresses, and grab an almost-new one for a heavily-discounted price.

Where To Shop The Best Cheap Wedding Dresses In Sydney

Sweethearts Bridal Boutique

Price range: As low as $AUD 699
Shop from Sweetheart Bridal Boutique here.

Brides Of Sydney

Price range: As low as $AUD 199
Shop from Brides of Sydney here.

Luv Bridal & Formal

Price range: As low as $AUD 199
Shop from Luv Bridal & Formal here.

Perfect Day Bridal

Price range: Available upon request
Shop from Perfect Day Bridal here.

White Runway

Price range: As low as $AUD 180
Shop from White Runway here.

Fashionably Yours

Price range: As low as $AUD 650
Shop from Fashionably Yours here.

About Time Bridal

Price range: As low as $AUD 480
Shop from About Time Bridal here.

Abbey Bridal

Price range: As low as $AUD 599
Shop from Abbey Bridal here.


Budget brides often get disheartened by the high stamp tag that comes with most wedding dresses. But don’t let dress shopping get you down! Check out these affordable bridal boutiques, and find your dream dress without breaking the bank.
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