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9 Best Cheap Wedding Dresses In Melbourne | WHO Magazine

9 Best Cheap Wedding Dresses In Melbourne

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The Importance Of Your Wedding Dress

In this day and age when women can propose, refuse their husband’s last name, or even not get married at all, are wedding dresses really that important? It’s true that some brides don’t put as much stock into getting the “perfect” dress, but even non-traditional brides want to look good on their wedding day.

A bride in a white dress walking down the aisle at a wedding cereomy

Whether you’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were a kid or you don’t care what it is as long as it fits, you and your dress will be at the centre of attention. So it’s important to get one that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable – without going over budget.

How To Find High-Quality Cheap Bridal Dresses

Simplify Your Style

A lot of wedding dresses have embellishments or use a mix of fabrics to create a breathtaking look. But the more bells and whistles there are, the higher the price tag. You’ll have a much easier time finding an affordable dress if you go for one-fabric dresses, simpler silhouettes, and less beading.

Shop Off The Rack

Getting a made-to-measure gown from a designer is a surefire way to get your dream dress, but it can be very expensive. Instead, you can buy a ready-to-wear gown off the shelves. Then, you can just pay a small alteration fee to a seamstress to get the perfect fit.

Negotiate On A Sample Gown

Sample gowns are the dresses that people try in-store. While you won’t get a brand new wedding dress this way, you can get some gorgeous, almost-new designer dresses from Sophia Tolli, Pronovias, and other major bridal labels. Most boutiques will offer huge discounts on their sample gowns, and you might even be able to negotiate the price further down if there are a few “flaws” (e.g. tears, stains, etc.).

Wait For Clearance Sales And Discounts

Sometimes, getting a good deal is all about the timing. Bridal shops go on sale regularly, so if you wait for the “off-season”, you can get some nice, brand-new dresses at a heavily discounted price. Check the stores’ websites and sign up for their newsletters to get updates on sales.

Snatch Up Preloved Dresses

It’s not unusual to find second-hand wedding dresses for sale online. Perhaps the former bride is just trying to make a few bucks back on an expensive dress, or maybe she changed her mind and got a different dress. If you’re not a superstitious type and don’t mind wearing “someone else’s” gown, this is a large way to save money.

Go For A Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Honestly, the “wedding tax” ups the price of  everything! You can get any white dress for a fraction of the cost of an actual wedding dress. It doesn’t even need to be white...or a dress. If you go for unorthodox styles and colours, you’ll end up paying a lot less.
And while you’re at it, why not skip the bridal outlet altogether? Instead of going to a wedding dress shop, you can check department stores, fashion boutiques, and online marketplaces for the perfect affordable dress.

The 9 Best Cheap Wedding Dresses In Melbourne

Fairytales Bridal

How much: As low as $200
Where to buy it: Moonee Ponds, Nunawading
Shop from Fairytales Bridal here .

Luv Bridal And Formal

How much: As low as $499
Where to buy it: Moonee Ponds
Shop from Luv Bridal & Formal here .

Always And Forever Bridal

How much: As low as $899
Where to buy it: Collins St
Shop from Always & Forever Bridal here .

Leah S Designs

How much: As low as $299
Where to buy it: Hallam
Shop from Leah S Designs here .

Raffaele Ciuca

How much: As low as $1299
Where to buy it: Brunswick
Shop from Raffaele Ciuca here .

Miss Bella Bridal

How much: As low as $99
Where to buy: Boronia
Shop from Miss Bella Bridal here .

Bluebell Bridal

How much: As low as $425
Where to buy: Flinders Ln
Shop from Bluebell Bridal here .

Anna Campbell

How much: As low as $499
Where to buy: Armadale
Shop from Anna Campbell here .

The Sposa Group

How much: As low as $399
Where to buy: Hawthorn
Shop from The Sposa Group here .


A dress doesn’t have to blow your wedding budget out of proportion. Follow our tips, check out these shops, and find the wedding dress of your dreams...without spending an arm and a leg.
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