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Wedding Hairstyles: 6 stunning braid hairstyles for the brides to be | PINKVILLA

Wedding Hairstyles: 6 stunning braid hairstyles for the brides to be

Braid hairstyles are obnoxious for the wedding season. Here are some braid hairstyle ideas for all the brides to be.
Hairstyles are as important a part of a stunning persona as an outfit. It can make or break your look. The kind of hairstyle you pick for your wedding reflects your personality and thoughtfulness. They don't call a wedding 'The Big Day' for nothing. It is the day you will remember forever and also the day when you get photographed the most. So, you can't make mistakes when it comes to your hair, outfit and makeup. 
Choosing the right hairstyle for the functions can be a big task, especially with the other things on your mind. Photo gallery of your phone is flooded with Instagram and Pinterest ideas but to no use because you are still confused. Do you want to stand out but are too nervous to take risks? Well, don't worry! We have picked out some of the best-braided hairstyles for all the brides who want to take their hair game up a notch. 

Double Twist Crown Braid  
A very romantic hairstyle, double twist crown braids are obnoxious for those brides who have highlighted or have got balayage done. This will not only oomph your look, but make you look dreamy as a princess. 
Braided Chignon 
This classic updo suits everyone and exudes elegance when worn. This romantic, modern twist is for brides who want to look relaxed on their D-day. 
Milkmaid Braid 
This braid gives a young, modern and sleek look to the bride. It is similar to a halo braid but is created by parting the hair down the middle. 
Crown Braid 
For all the brides who want to look edgy, you have to choose this one. This carefree hairstyle is fab for one of the pre-wedding functions you will have. It will make you look like a fashionista yet icy at the same time. 
Braided Embellished Pony  
This pretty yet delicate looking braid looks perfect on a bride. We love the high-low achieve of this braid, which will call all the attention to the beautiful bride. 
Romantic Fishtail 
Fishtails look ethereal when worn with any outfit. They are versatile and resplendent the face perfectly. For a relaxed look, opt for a loose fishtail braid with random twists and some loose strand falling on the face naturally.
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