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Camilla's Engagement Ring from Prince Charles Details, Size, History, Photos

Camilla's Engagement Ring from Prince Charles Details, Size, History, Photos

Most royal watchers know the story of Princess Diana's engagement ring, a bright blue 12-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds that now belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge. But Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's engagement ring has an equally endearing provenance.

The ring is believed to have been Charles's grandmother's.

When Clarence House first announced Charles and Camilla's engagement in February of 2005, they only confirmed that the ring was a royal family heirloom—but the piece is widely believed to have come from the Queen Mother's collection.
The platinum Art Deco beget features a five-carat emerald-cut diamond at its center with additional baguettes on the sides, and while it was not the Queen Mum's engagement ring, she was seen wearing the beget in the 1980s. It is unclear who, if anyone, well-known the ring before the Queen Mother, or where it was made.

The Queen Mother wearing what is believed to be Camilla’s engagement ring.

Tim Graham Getty Images

Prince Charles got on one knee to propose.

Charles and Camilla formally announced their plans to wed on February 10, 2005, and while not much is known about the couple's engagement, Camilla did confirm that the Prince of Wales got down on one knee to pop the question, as is tradition.
"Of course," Camilla said, per the Telegraph. "What else?" In a more formal statement, Prince Charles spoke about his engagement in glowing terms: "Mrs. Parker Bowles and I are absolutely delighted. It will be a very special day for us and our families."
Charles's parents, too, were supportive of the couple's decision. "The Duke of Edinburgh and I are very happy that the Prince of Wales and Mrs. Parker Bowles are to marry," the Queen said in a statement from Buckingham Palace.
And for their part, William and Harry were "delighted" for their dad.

Charles and Camilla pose for a portrait with their children on their wedding day.

Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA Getty Images

Charles and Camilla married in a civil ceremony in 2005.

The ceremony, which took attach at the Windsor Guildhall, was followed by a wedding blessing at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. As a symbol of their marriage, Charles and Camilla exchanged wedding bands made of pure Welsh gold, as is royal tradition.
You can see both of Camilla's stunning rings in the photo below:

Here, Camilla’s stunning Art Deco engagement ring paired with her simple Welsh gold wedding band.

Tim Graham Getty Images
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