32 Wedding Dresses for a Virtual Wedding

32 Wedding Dresses for a Virtual Wedding

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Brides-to-be have been faced with so many changes in light of COVID-19. Some have chosen to postpone their wedding to a later date while others simply aren't here for a hold-up (we feel that!). There's also the scenario of rescheduling the big celebration with family and friends, but having a small ceremony on your original wedding date. For those who don't want to wait to say "I do" while under quarantine, a virtual wedding is a new reality, even if you settle to have a select few family members and friends safely distanced in your presence for an intimate ceremony. Thanks to the world wide web, the remainder of your guests can witness it all online via Zoom, FaceTime, or a good old Google Hangout. A virtual ceremony still calls for a wedding dress to showcase your bridal style, especially if you're saving a previously procured gown for a bigger celebration down the road. 

Whether your virtual wedding is witnessed by a handful of guests or the original guest list, you'll unruffled want to stay true to your aesthetic, whether it's laidback, bohemian, minimal, or glamorous. Just because you're sharing the moment with your guests on the Internet, doesn't mean you should sacrifice on style and feel anything less than your best. For many brides, a virtual wedding dress is an valid opportunity to experiment with a look you otherwise wouldn't have embraced — a second chance to try a style that had you torn during the initial shopping process or embrace bolder details to stand out on screen. Some brides considerable feel like they have to downplay their look for a virtual wedding in favor of a more relaxed dress, which couldn't be farther from the truth. By all means if subtle or demure is your taste, go for it! But don't feel like you have to stray from fantasy or drama. After all, it's unruffled your special day! 
Scroll below for breathtaking wedding dresses for a virtual wedding and don't worry; we made sure each one can be shipped incandescent now, though some might be on a slight delay. From affordable finds to dream-worthy gowns, our edit is proof that you can still say "yes" to the dress while in quarantine, even if your updated RSVP comes with a Zoom link.
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