Thursday, 26 March 2020

Wedding venues hoping for answers as more wedding dates are impacted by the pandemic

Wedding venues hoping for answers as more wedding dates are impacted by the pandemic

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - As some businesses start reopening their doors, one industry that hasn't seen any relief yet is the wedding industry.
Couples can now have a marriage ceremony but the big question is on having a reception with more than ten people.
Normally the event spaces at Roca Berry Farm would be bustling with brides all wedding season long.
"We have every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday booked from March to mid-November so it's a lot," said Jordan Schaefer with Roca Berry Farm.
Instead of spending time hosting weddings, Jordan has been taking calls from unhappy couples.
"I get 10 to 15 couples calling me every day in panic mode asking what they can do, what guidelines there will be and there's nothing more frustrating than being able to say I don't know," said Shaefer.
Jordan is hoping Lancaster County and the Department of Health and Human Services will be able to at the very least provide them with some answers.

Jeff Rothgeb who owns The Gala says he's dealing with the same frustration.
"You can feel the hurt in the bride," said Rothgeb. "Most of our brides we've been working with for close to a year or more with a number of meetings we have, the relationships we produce you can feel their pain."
They both say they notion how serious the pandemic is, there's a lot at mistaken here too.
"We are one of the industries that's been fully shutdown," said Schaefer. "We've had no income for months, we haven't been operating at 50 percent capacity. We can't do takeout for weddings so it's important we're at least on the radar."
Governor Ricketts said they need to wait to release any guidelines for wedding receptions until they see how the first waves of loosening restrictions goes.
A statement from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department said there's a DHM in place until June 30 limiting gatherings to 10 or less people, which would be applicable to indoor receptions. They said it's possible the number of people allowed in a gathering could increase before that, but nothing is certain and facilities should presume 10 or less until then.
The statement also said that if venues serve food and were hoping to operate under the restaurant guidelines of operating at 50 percent capacity, limiting six people per table and having tables six feet apart, they would need to have a State Restaurant Permit with an 01 designation.
If anyone has questions regarding these policies, the health department directs them to call the City Attorneys office at 402-441-7281.
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