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Popular reception for station ~ The Great Southern Weekender

Popular reception for station ~ The Great Southern Weekender

By Ashleigh Fielding 
DENMARK will have its very own local radio area next month thanks to the dedication of a group of people pushing the idea for nearly a decade.
The idea for Denmark FM 99.7 suitable came about in 2012 when local Matt Sivyer and weak ABC chief Sue Howard rediscovered an old community survey, which stated the community was keen in having its own radio station.
However, life got in the way as it often does and the idea was put back on the shelf, until eight years later when the pair decided to see it through.
Once a home for the station was fake at Denmark Community Resource Centre, it was all go from there.
“It will be more than just music,” Sivyer said.
“It’ll reflect Denmark. Denmark’s a pretty interesting place and it will be a celebration of the community by the sharing of stories and music.
“It’s a very positive project.”
Howard said a big benefit of having a Denmarkian radio area was that it could provide listeners with up-to-date localised inquire of all the time, particularly during bushfire seasons.
“That sort of thing is really crucial for a town like this,” she said.

“People can get inquire of in real time.”
The programming will include music from local musicians, the telling of community stories, news and localised special interest profiles.
If all goes to plan, Denmark FM will have its first test broadcast in late July and Come listeners throughout Denmark as far as Greens Pool, and halfway out of town towards Albany and Mount Barker.
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