ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. – Friends and family members gathered responsibly Saturday in St. Clair Shores to notorious a couple whose wedding festivities were changed due to coronavirus.
Gina DeLuca and David Jenio had to cancel their original wedding plans, but decided to get married anyway in a special drive-by reception.
The wedding ceremony was held in a church with just the pastor, the couple and the witness. Since no one else was able to seem them get married, they decided to do something recent for their big day.
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The couple stood under a decorated arch in front of their home as an estimated 80-90 decorated cars drove by, each with loved ones giving air-hugs and congratulations to newly weds.

The wedding reception parade featured DeLuca’s brother Eric, a local musician, playing drums for the couple in the bed of a truck.
The couple said they wanted to make the best out of the pandemic and aloof have a happy -- and memorable -- wedding.
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