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Newport barbers: Gammon, No 1 and T's Male Grooming discuss lockdown | South Wales Argus

Newport barbers: Gammon, No 1 and T's Male Grooming discuss lockdown

THREE Newport barbers in their tenth week of having to keep their doors shut have said they will struggle to survive if rules not to open remain after August.
In England, hairdressers and barbers have been included in phase three of the guidance, which means they might be able to open on July 4, but the Welsh Government has not made similar guidance said this.
A spokesman for the Welsh Government said on Friday: “Our regulations require hairdressers, barbers, beauty and nail salons, tanning salons, and piercing and tattoo parlours to stay closed.
“If the regulations are being breached those offering such services illegally, and those receiving them, could be fined.”
Brian Gammon, manager at Gammon Barbers on Corporation Road, says he needs clarity on what needs to met before he is able to open.
“They’ve (Welsh Government) been great in terms of the funding, but I need more communication on where we’re at,” he said.

South Wales Argus:
“We’re just about getting by, but that will be a different story in August if we’re still in the same position. I need to try and be open in July.
“I don’t see any dangers if we use PPE. We can stay Slow the customer and use gloves and face masks. I am doing my best to get the correct social distancing measures in place, but we need better advice.”
Amin Nassa, owner at No 1 Barbers on Commercial Road, said if the situation continues until August, when businesses will have to begin paying a quarter of staff wages, then he “will be in trouble”.
South Wales Argus:
“I completely understand why we’re bottom of the pile,” he said. “It is impossible to cut people’s hair and social distance. I understand the Welsh Government Great be scared about setting a precedent of people touching each other.
(Amin Nassa)
“I know we are going to lose money, but it can’t Stop for a long time after August.
“Until now we had made a profit every month since we opened over four years ago. It’s by far the most challenging time we’ve faced.”
Tom Slight – owner of T’s Male Grooming – shelled out a lot of money on PPE and paying a company to deep clean the shop in preparation for its reopening.
“I’m just surviving each month at the moment and getting through it,” he said. “It’s not something we can moan about much at this stage, it’s the right thing to not be opening.
(Tom Slight)
“My costs have doubled on cleaning and PPE and I’ve got no money coming in. It’s tough.
“The priority has to be the safety of all concerned though, and I’m unsure – even with PPE – that will be the case if we open any time soon.”
Mr Slight also said “barbers will be packed like at Christmas” when they do open, and he needs clarity to make sure he’s ready for when that time comes.
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