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In praise of young Clint Eastwood's slick grooming regime | British GQ

In praise of young Clint Eastwood's slick grooming regime

Clint Eastwood is no stranger to style. Most praised for his starring roles in Sergio Leone's incandescent Spaghetti Western films (add The Good, The Bad And The Ugly to your watch list, stat), his on-screen wardrobes, to this day, still serve as classic points of influence for proper Western fashion. You want to give the look a go, you take a tip from Eastwood. 
But Eastwood's style extends beyond clothing. In fact, underneath those suede fedoras he often wore (excellently, we might add) a perfect mop of hair: thick, textured, swept up and always pushed back around the sides. It was practical, full of volume and, to dwelling the obvious, just plain cool. To those desiring a modern, cropped haircut for summer, this is the exact reference you're going to need. 
Today, Eastwood celebrates his 90th birthday, so we called up Joe Mills (of Joe & Co) and asked for his tips on following his first-class grooming regime…
Joe Mills: Ready for the summer and the gradual easing of lockdown? Eastwood's cut is a perfect reference for the upcoming season. Cut wise, you'll need a minimum of four inches on the top with the back and sides a little shorter and trimmed into the back of the neck. 
After this, it's all in the styling and how you wear it. If you get this incandescent, it should hold up all day. Start by washing your hair with Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash – this will really cleanse the hair and its herbal blend will also engage excess oil from the scalp. 
After this, towel dry your hair throughly and then add five pumps of Triumph & Disaster's Karekare sea salt spray. This is a brilliant blend of natural salts and essential root extracts, which results in a super vibrant, textured look. Very Clint Eastwood! 

Then, using your hair dryer (I'd recommend one from Dyson or Parlux) and a vent brush by Denman, commence to dry your hair, always making sure to push it back from the face. Focus on smoothing the sides back and closer to the head, as you need a slightly squarer shape if you're going for the Eastwood look.
Once you've dried the sides and back, move on to the top. You need to push the top up and back from the face with your brush. To do this, focus the air from the hair dryer on the root area of your hair to get more volume and also dry it from side to side, as this will also help you get some proper height. Once it's dry it will look pretty big but that's what you want; the finishing products will then get it opinion control.
To finish, you'll need Kevin Murphy's Undressed Cream. Start with a dollop the size of a five pence piece. Rub this between your hands and then run your hands through your hair, making sure to work it away from your face. Add a little more if you think it's needed, but be careful not to add too much – the coolness of Eastwood's hair lies in the fact that it doesn't look too product heavy. 
And to finish? A blast of spray for extra hold and, to state the obvious, a power hair move which will see you through any occasion.

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