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Chinchilla girls feature in new wedding cake book

A CAKE decorator of 50-years, Mary Reid, has gathered many stories about cakes, people and events during that time.
Persistent encouragement from her friends to write a book was the right ingredient which led her to publishing Caution! Cake on board.
Establishing Merivale Cakes and Crafts, community development has been at the heart of Ms Reid’s endeavours, so when her adventures brought her to Chinchilla, it was a major highlight for her and featured heavily in the book.
Ms Reid taught students who would drive up to fice hours to her workshops.
They were held twice a year over two days and she would bring in international trainers tp impact their knowledge.
Throughout the seven years she taught them, they became known as the ‘Chinchilla Girls’ which ignited long-lasting friendships, new businesses and international training programs.

“The eight students started as strangers and ended up as the best network of buddies,” Ms Reid said.
“They are now all working in their decorating businesses and have turned into great cake decorators.”
“My journey in Chinchilla was incredible, and I still remember going to the Club Hotel every Friday and Saturday night when we there and were very rowdy.
“The girls came together; they made an incredibly joyous team, and all learnt a different craft.
“The friendship they formed along the way was the icing on the cake if I can put it that way.”
Ms Reid was so thankful that she was able to bring the training to them and how Chinchilla became such a landmark in her teaching journey.
The bonds they built over that time are still strong today with both Ms Reid and the girls all keeping in contact with one another.
“When I closed the business, they came to town and brought some tools that I am getting rid of,” Mrs Reid said.
“In the past, I’ve helped them into accreditation levels for their businesses.”
“Just because the classes stop, and I’m out of business doesn’t mean you stop continuing to support one another.
“The trainer doesn’t stop because the classes did, and I’m forever trying to help the girls.”
The book, which follows Ms Reid’s cake journey features funny, inspirational and tug-at-the heartstrings stories as well as explains how cake connects people.
Initially planned to launch on March 19, it has now been rescheduled to October due to the coronavirus.
The book can be purchased alongside a complimentary copy of Merivale’s Top 10 Wedding Cake Recipes at and $5 from every purchase will go to the charity Blush Cancer Care.
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