Impress Your Friends and Family with Photo Wedding Invitations |

Impress Your Friends and Family with Photo Wedding Invitations

Are you searching for a fresh way to announce your up and coming wedding? Or to tell your friends and family that you’ve just got engaged? Have you considered sending photo wedding invitations? If you’re looking to send a unique save the date card or wedding invitation, you can use to design a personalized card.
Your wedding is likely to be one of the most significant events in your life, and sending a photo wedding invitation is a nice way to give your guest a lasting reminder of your wedding day. Family and friends can then choose to frame the photo on their wedding invitation or can put it into an album and keep it as a souvenir.

Create Photo Wedding Invitations Using
You can create a wedding invitation or save the date card easily and conveniently by using This fantastic website allows users to upload a photo of themselves and then select the design they like best from a wide selection. There are bright modern designs, classic cards, and floral designs.
The photo wedding invitations are completely customisable, once you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll be able to change the text and font style and colour. You can write a fresh tag line and add your names. also allows you to add clip art such as a floral border or swirls to make your invitation more individual.
The Benefits of Sending a Photo Wedding Invitation
Every bride-to-be wants her special day to be unique and unforgettable, and couples spend hours planning their wedding down to the last detail. Creating a personalised photo wedding invitation is more memorable. You’ll be sending a one of a kind invitation which family can cherish for years to come. A personalised card is attention-grabbing and unforgettable; this is especially beneficial if your wedding is a couple of years in the future.
A well-designed wedding invitation should show guests your character and should ensure that they can anticipate what the day will be like. You can do this by humorous motifs that match your wedding theme or colour scheme.
What to Consider When Making Your Photo Wedding Invitations
Creating your own photo wedding invitations with is a fun and rewarding experience. You don’t have to adhere to a particular layout, colour, or motif but can mix and match to make the design your own. You can choose to include one photo of the happy couple or could alternatively make a collage using between two and four images.
When designing a photo wedding invitation, you’ll need to ensure that the photo you choose to use is of high quality to ensure that it prints well. Also, select a professional company such as, as they print great quality cards and provide fantastic customer service as well as value for money. Their wedding invitations are printed on good quality paper with a choice of matt or gloss finishes. They also have different styles and shapes of cards, including postcards, square cards, or rectangular cards.
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